Do Not Trust God for a Pleasant, Prosperous Life!

God punishes people who reject Him by letting them have their way.  Hell is the “enjoyment” of their own way forever.  In this world, having your way can feel good.  In the next, it never does.  God loves us by permitting suffering that draws us to concentrate on Him as our only source of life.  It awakens our taste buds to enjoy the rich food He offers.  Heaven is the enjoyment of God’s way forever.

Suffering without explanation from God creates the opportunity for faith in Him.  Suffering with explanation allows us to maintain the false hope of control.

God never promised to provide us with the good things we legitimately want in this world.  Do not trust God for a pleasant, prosperous life!

Abraham Heschel discovered, “God is not nice.  God is not an uncle.  God is an earthquake.”

Love seeks the deepest well-being of another.  If that requires suffering, then love permits  suffering.  But love never allows more suffering than is necessary to achieve the well-being of the beloved.

God permits suffering, but never more, always less, than He experiences.

God is all-powerful and all-good even in our darkest night.  Trust Him.  We don’t know enough not to.


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