Jesus Prays for You!

If you could name one prayer warrior to lift you up, who would it be?

I choose Jesus.  Hebrews 4:14-16 and 10:21-22 are pretty clear that He intercedes for us when we come boldly and sincerely looking for mercy and grace.

Jesus’ intercessory work must be especially important because at least 3 New Testament authors emphasize it

  • Paul: Romans 8:34
  • Author of Hebrews: Hebrews 7:25, 9:24
  • John: 1 John 2:1

Jesus prays for YOU!  Every prayer you utter has Jesus supporting you, interested in you, seeking God’s very best for you!

So now imagine that you are in the throne room of heaven.  Jesus is there praying to the Father on our behalf.

Our Guardian Angels are Bored

“Our guardian angels are bored.  We’re playing it safe, not taking chances.” -Mike Foster

Church culture has fashioned an addiction to safety and security. If we cannot plot a future path with visible certainty, then we cannot imagine God would call us or lead us down it. But the way of the cross is one of trust, and it is trust that leads us to obedience in following the Master wherever he leads. The path may be uncertain. But for those who trust, the One we follow will never steer us wrong. Our guardian angels are bored.

Mayette, Haiti 2015

Thank you for your prayers and financial support to send me and eight other members to Haiti to work with our church partner in Mayette. It was a physically and spiritually challenging trip.

It was physically challenging because the heat was oppressive. At one point I was drinking 20 oz. of water an hour and still not maintaining proper hydration. One of our team members was forced to travel back to the mission for an IV and several of us had “bad days” trying to keep or get strength.

It was spiritually challenging because Mayette, a community we’ve loved and seen grown since our partnership began in 2011, had been devastated by drought and illness. Over one-third of the people had moved or died in the last year. Half of the couples we married two years ago had at least one partner die since the wedding.

The church and Pastor Daniel were still prevailing through the strength of the Holy Spirit. There had been ten new confessions/baptisms in the last year. They were not wavering but asked us to pray for rain. About an hour after worshiping with them the skies opened up with an inch of rain. But it’s not enough…not nearly.

Our combined FCC/WCCC team was marvelous. Our youngest members shined as usual. We took encouragement from the mission staff when they said, “Working with you all is strange because I thought you came from two different churches and I can’t figure out who goes where.”

As for next steps?

  1. Please pray for the people of Mayette, specifically for rain and health. Join me every Thursday where ever you are and pray at noon for them. Ask God to bless Pastor Daniel and the church leadership. Ask God to help the children in the school they run thanks to our benevolence.
  2. We are exploring a few different options to help them with their water situation. Pray that one or more options are feasible and affordable.
  3. We also hope to provide them with Bibles. Very few of them have Creole Bibles and the Word of God is the Bread of life.
  4. There will be a future trip but it is undetermined when but won’t be for another year or two.