You are far more Precious to God than the Person you Love most on Earth is to you

You are far more precious to God than the person you love most on earth is to you.

Yet, I so often see people as opportunities for me to feel fulfilled rather than opportunities for me to relate with the secure unthreatened love of Jesus.  And that depersonalizes them into useful objects that I either appreciate or despise.

God didn’t put us on earth to retire comfortably, but to draw the people in your sphere of relating to Him by the power of our holy, radically self-sacrificing, other-centered love.  We are here to live A NEW WAY, to draw close to God in order to be formed into the likeness of His Son.

Of course we’ll face opposition where the battle to be holy will become so difficult and the narrow road so steep that we may leave the narrow road for a season.  But know this: God will not leave us there!  There is always a way back from sin!  Tears of hope will flow every time we experience God’s loving mercy when we fail.  God still loves us.  He will not give up on us.  He still has a plan.

So we must remain alert to compromised spiritual leaders who entice us more with the hope of blessings than with the promise of holiness, who lead you to think that God’s love makes Him more concerned with your present comfort than your eternal joy.


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