Godliness vs. Worldliness

What is “godliness?”  It’s from the Greek word eusebia which is sometimes translated holiness which means “good devotion” or “genuine devoutness.”  In short, eusebia is God-centeredness.

But there is one enormous challenge.  Worldliness.  The opposite of godliness is not devilry or demonism.  That is the extreme opposite, but not the common, garden variety.  Its opposite is worldliness.

Worldliness is selfishness.  If godliness is God-centeredness, worldliness is self-centeredness.  It’s me, me, me.  Whatever makes sin look more attractive than God.  It’s whatever makes you think that defying or ignoring God will bring more reward than obeying him.

The cure for worldliness and the path to godliness is in fact to become more human.  It is to live in an awareness of your creatureliness and so your utter dependence on God.  The worst thing you can do if you seek to be godly is to deny your creatureliness.  You’ll only end up faking it.

So 2 things are needed:

  1. Look and look and look again to Jesus.
  2. Practice and practice and practice the daily discipline of dying to yourself.

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