T or F?: The Fetus is just a part of a pregnant woman’s body, like an appendix

Here’s another common argument I hear from pro-choice folks:

The fetus is just a part of the pregnant woman’s body, like her tonsils or appendix.

Uhhh…no it’s not.  Look at an ultrasound and you’ll see the difference.  If my appendix has a beating heart, arms, legs, etc….it ceases to be an appendix.  A body part is defined by the common genetic code it shares with the rest of its body; the unborn’s genetic code differs from her mother’s.

Furthermore, The child may die and the mother live, or the mother may die and the child live, proving they are two separate individuals. Human beings should not be discriminated against because of their place of residence.


5 thoughts on “T or F?: The Fetus is just a part of a pregnant woman’s body, like an appendix

  1. I know this is a touchy issue and I don’t want to argue the finer points but coming from a woman’s point of view most do NOT want to have an abortion. They need the options and resources available to them to make a better choice than abortion. I think Education and resources would in itself help abortions decline significantly. I also think if they have had an abortion they need to be forgiven and not have to live with the shame.

  2. I agree…it’s touchy, emotional, and I assume most do not want to. Abortions are down over the past 20 years and that’s good. Of course they need the options and resources…but pro-choice people do a disservice when they are being intellectually dishonest through the arguments they’ve made about “what a fetus is.” I also agree that they need to be forgiven and not live with shame. The goal of my post is to dismantle the pro-choice arguments, not shame those who have made the mistake of abortion. I realize that in a church our size many women have probably had an abortion in their lifetime. Hopefully, most of them have turned that over to God and realize he can provide forgiveness. Once that happens, shame is from the devil.

  3. I like that perspective. The pro-choice phrase I hear the most from women is you can’t tell me what to do with my body but it’s God’s isn’t it and it is god’s child we are talking about….

  4. I agree with you Michele, these bodies we have are just on loan. We need to Honor God not only with our Actions, but with our bodies and the condition we keep them….and now I want to got to the gym!

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