An Opportunity to become Great

You can want to use a crock pot or microwave or toaster or refrigerator but you can’t use them if they’re not plugged in. They’re not effective until they’re plugged in. In fact, until you plug them in, do you know what they are? Useless. Sitting on a table taking up some space.

Every follower of Christ , according to 1 Corinthians 12, God has gifted you with at least  one spiritual gift. There’s so much potential for you to do something great in this world that it’s not even funny. But Scripture says that we have to plug into the body of Christ, the local church. And until we plug in, we’re powerless to become all that Jesus has called us to be.

There are some people who love to attend churches but they don’t belong anywhere. That’s normal for a short time as you figure out which congregation you best fit into, but it shouldn’t be permanent. It’s foreign to Scripture that you could attend a church but not belong. And until you plug in, you’re powerless to become fully the person Jesus Christ has called you to be.

Everyone of us has the potential to do great things for God. Some people think, “There’s no way I could do anything great for God. There’s no way I could be anything significant for God.” If that’s you, you are in the perfect position to be used by God. You could do what so many others are doing in a Sunday morning service. Those who greeted you and will hand you your bulletin & communion on Sunday, by those who watch your toddlers & teach your children in Sunday school, by the audio/video techies in the balcony, by those who bring you music to praise God with. They’re just people who are plugged in. Every person in this room has potential for greatness in your life if you plug in.

For those of you who have plugged in and do those things. Those may not be the best places and ways for you to use your gifts. I would love for you to explore other avenues of service if you don’t find it fulfilling. But regardless, do you know how much of a difference you make? Do you realize that your smile as people walk in, that efficient control of volume for our ears, that beautiful voice and playing of instruments are all used by the Holy Spirit to lead people to places of commitment and deeper fellowship w/ God? You may not feel great, but then you don’t understand how God leverages our service.

I’m challenging you to commit to a local church because you’re too valuable to sit on a sideline. And if it’s not this church, then awesome. Get involved with a church some where.

Jesus said in Mark 10:43, when people. said, “Hey, I’m going to be great as people serve me,” J. said, “Nope. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be a servant.” Bec. saved peo. serve peo.


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