Wake up to Growing

Some are asleep to knowing, asleep to sowing, and some are asleep to growing in maturity in Christ. What does it mean to mature in Jesus? What does it mean to grow? Yeah, we have to have information. We need to know the Bible and what it says. But the big thing is application. That’s why 68% of Christ’s words were applicatoin. How do you mature? Most of us don’t need another Bible study. How do you mature? First of all, how many of you want to grow in your faith? How do you grow? You mature by serving. So don’t sleep!

Martin Luther had a dream one day of hell. He dreamed that the devil was sitting on the throne and a bunch of demons were reporting to Satan. One demon came up to him and said, “Satan, there were this group of Christians going on this caravan in the desert and I caused these tigers to attack and kill them.” Satan said, “That’s dumb. Because now their souls are with Jesus. That doesn’t do a thing for me.”

And another demon said, “Satan, there were missionaries on their way to this island and I caused this great wind and waves to hit the ship and it killed all those Christians.” Satan said, “Again, you don’t get it. I’m after their souls.”

And then this wise demon came up to Satan. He said, “Hey Devil, for 10 years I’ve been trying to lull this guy to sleep and finally he went to sleep.” And with that, Hell began to go crazy with a standing ovation because one person had fallen asleep. Don’t go to sleep. Wake up to the power and grace of God.


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