Wake Up to Sowing God

Some of us are asleep to knowing (as I wrote about yesterday) and some of us are asleep to sowing. We have to realize that our lives are seeds. If I plant corn, I’m not going to reap mangos. It’s just the law of the harvest. Whatever I sow, that’s what I’m going to be reaping. And if I’m sleeping, I’m not going to be doing much reaping.

God has given us these incredible lives to do great stuff for God and for our world. We have been given time to do great stuff for God. Don’t sleep your life away. Take advantage.

Did you hear in Acts 20 that the early church met together on the first day of the week. What’s the first day of the week? Sunday. Why Sunday? That’s resurrection day. I give God the first day of my week, that first element of time in corporate worship as I obey Hebrews 10:25. When I do that, God is going to bless the rest. I give God the first of my time, the first of my energy through my scripture reading, and prayer and God will bless the rest. I give my talent and ability to the Lord. As I leverage them within the church, God is going to take my talent and ability and multiply exponentially. I give the first of my resources, the first fruit of what I make, to the church, the first 10% of what I make to God, He’s going to bless the rest. It’s the law of the harvest, the law of the firsts. Read the Bible. The first born, the first fruits, the first day of the week, the first portion of everyday because when we give God the first, He will bless the rest. Jesus was God’s tithe. And look what happened. Look at the blessings because of it. Are you asleep to sowing?

If you have kids who are still under your supervision, you need to get them to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. You don’t know how much having a community of faith like that can have on them for their lives. But sometimes parents abdicate their responsibility to raise their children in the church and let them choose what they should do on Sundays and Wednesdays. Who is the parent? Who is the child? Sowing spiritual seeds in the lives of these children is more important than anything else because it has eternal consequences. And if you sleep-in one week, do something another week, skip Wednesday Night for another reason, what do you think will happen to them? I’m not trying to scare you. You just need to WAKE UP!

The cool thing is that my kids love being here. If one of my kids is sick on Wednesday Night and they can’t come, they start moping. That’s awesome! That’s a good sign! But some of our kids are choosing other options over church whether it’s sleep or homework or sports or whatever. The law of the harvest is going to apply to our children, and we are responsible. One day when we die God is going to look at us face to face and say, “What did you do with my church?” & many of us are going to say, “I slept through it.” Don’t let that be you. You’re turning your back on the only thing that Jesus built: the local church. Wake up!

And this isn’t about “our church.” I don’t care which church you go to, but you have to plug into a church family. If you can’t stand it when you come here, let’s talk about it. Maybe we can make some changes. Maybe you can make some changes. But let’s talk about it. Just don’t go to sleep.

Some of us are going to sleep with our time. Some of us are going to sleep with our abilities. We should use our abilities and gifts within the context of the church and outside the church to reach people for Christ. It takes time to do that and it takes talent to do that. God has gifted you and me to bring glory to him and to touch people for Jesus Christ. That’s part of sowing my life. So when I sow my time, my talent, I am going to be blessed. God is going to multiply all of that.

We all have different amounts of money but we are to sow our money in the church. I can’t make you do that. I can teach what the Bible says about it. I can ask. But I cannot force you. And some of us are financially asleep. You are going to miss out on some blessings in life until you get right on this one. People get funny when I talk about money. The Bible says that when I bring the first fruits of my income to the local church, when I wake up to this dynamic, God is going to bless the rest.

We have to choose if we want to be rivers or reservoirs? Conduits or do we dam the blessings up? So what are you? I don’t know what you give. I don’t want to know. But I do know that most Christians are asleep financially because\ surveys show that only about 5% of Christians tithe to their local church. God blessed you for the church and for the sake of the world. But God also wants us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. That’s cool. God said, “Enjoy it! But that first 10% is mine.” Some of you are asleep and you didn’t even know you were asleep.

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