No Room For a Crucifixion?

Like most people, I struggle with comprehending and reconciling a world with suffering and an all-powerful God of love.  Actually I don’t struggle that much with it…but most people I know do struggle with it.  I’ve been studying that issue for years, and while I can’t satisfactorily explain it here and now, it is not a stumbling block for me.

The issue kind of reminds me of when Peter rebuked Jesus after Jesus announced that he would have to die for humanity.  “Never, Lord!  This shall never happen to you!”

No blood.  No crosses.  Peter envisions a clear, clean uninterrupted campaign that will sweep Jesus from wandering storyteller and itinerant wonder worker to exalted and triumphant ruler, from carpenter to king with no further delays.  There’s no room for crucifixion on Peter’s road to victory.

“Get behind me, Satan!” is Jesus’ response.

And mine too.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like suffering.  Looking forward to when it’s eradicated.  But without it, we wouldn’t be saved.  Without it, I wouldn’t KNOW God like I do today.  Without it, I’d be a bundle of selfish cells feeding on sin.

I don’t always understand suffering.  But that of Christ?  Yes, indeed.  Thank You, Jesus!


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