It is easy to turn a Good thing against ourselves

Augustine said, “If the things of this world delight you, praise God for them but turn your love away from then and give it to their Maker, so that in the things that please you, you may not displease Him.”

There are a lot of great things to enjoy in life from people, places, and things. But those are always secondary lest they become idols. It’s so easy to turn a good thing against ourselves.

Take sports. Playing sports is good for us and teaches us teamwork and perseverance and sportsmanship. Watching sports is certainly entertaining and unifies people around a common team. At the same time, sports can fill so much time and take so much money that the church gets little time, energy, or money except leftovers.

Hear Augustine again, “The good things which you love are all from God, but they are good and sweet only as long as they are used to do His will. They will rightly turn bitter if God is spurned and the things that come from Him are wrongly loved.”


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