When is Enough Really Enough?

Many believe having lots of $$$ will solve all their problems and make them happy.  Most men in the top 1% of incomes (more than $4 million) think their financial status is “poor” or “just getting along,” a recent study showed.  The study noted that “when men focus on money as their measurement of achievement in life, they’re never satisfied.”

It always seems that the guy down the street works LESS than we do, yet has more than we have–so we continue on the quest for ENOUGH.

Jesus, however, wants us to rely on Him to provide for us.

  • You must decided what kind of riches you want (Matthew 6:19-21).
  • You must choose your priority: righteousness or revenue (Proverbs 16:8).
  • You must decide if you will balance your life (Proverbs 30:8).

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