What Do We Need Most in a Crisis?

What Do We Need Most in a Crisis? God’s word.

In the crises of life, we need God’s word. God’s word refreshes the soul, makes us wise, restores joy to our hearts and gives light to our eyes (Psalm 19:7-8). We need to be reading the Bible, engaging with the preaching at our church, speaking the word to one another and reminding our own hearts of God’s word.

In the crisis of our culture, we need God’s word. Our hope will not come through legislation. It will not come through gimmicky methods or trendy services. We will never compete with Hollywood for entertainment. Our hope is in the power of God’s word.

Jesus is the Word of God. And we see Jesus in the Scriptures: the promise of his coming (in the Old Testament) and the record of his coming (in the New Testament).

If God’s word is rare today, it is not because God is silent. God has spoken, loud and clear.


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