T or F?: You can be Anything you want to be

Popular culture often tells kids, “You can be ANYthing you want to be.”  But that is cruel to say to a 5’4 18 year old boy who yearns to be an NFL linebacker.  As Timothy Keller puts it, “If you had been born in a yurt in Outer Mongolia, instead of where you were, it wouldn’t have mattered how hard you worked or used your talents–you would have ended up poor and powerless.”

Just think of the power your family background has on where you are today.  I said I would never be like my parents.  Guess what?  I’m not JUST like them, but in many ways I am.  And now that I think about it, in my case, that’s not so bad.  Your family has shaped you more than you realize.  Regardless, it’s just not fair to promise kids that they can be ANYTHING they set their mind to.  I wouldn’t tell them they CAN’T do certain things but let’s not build false confidence and create more broken dreams.

Am I a cynic for posting this?


6 thoughts on “T or F?: You can be Anything you want to be

  1. I’m going to share something I don’t tell many people, so keep this to yourself. 🙂 When I was in high school, I thought I was having a particularly bad year when I was a sophomore or junior, I can’t remember. It was that bad (sarcasm). I guess every year is “bad” when you’re a teen ager, right? Anyway, back to my story. I was having this bad year (not really) and my mom, being the great mom that she was, decided to let me pick an activity to try. Any activity I wanted, because she believed in letting me live in the fantasy world I sometimes lived in. I took a weekly course on becoming a model. Yes, that kind of model. Stop laughing. I’m 5’3″! In shoes! We simply can’t be just any ol’ thing we want, but we can be thankful for the opportunity to try and learn sometimes. I’m thankful for being born when and where I was born so that I can at least try new things from time to time.

    I agree with the previous poster. You’re not a cynic, you’re a realist.

    Now that I’m a parent, I’m thankful that I can allow my kids to try almost anything they want, but I think they also know and are learning that there are some things that they simply weren’t made for. And that’s okay!

    • I don’t know Heather…Eva Longoria is 5’2 and while she isn’t a professional model…she plays one on TV. Plus she married an NBA star so don’t sell yourself short (Literally!). You can still return to modelling if your current career doesn’t work out. Or not. But that reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George was the “hand model.” I don’t know what I’m trying to say but I am chuckling.

  2. I have always felt that painting was the passion that God put inside of me. I yearn to do it if you know what I mean. I have always struggled with the part in the bible that says something like deny yourself and take up my cross.(not sure I have that exactly as it is written) but I have always wondered if that means I should deny the thing that I feel so passionate about? I know that there are a lot of starving artists in this world and there are a lot of artists who never made a penny until they were dead. I do feel that God made us in his image and he is the ultimate creator so the fact that I want to create beautiful paintings seems legit. I could use some help with the ” deny yourself” part though…..

    • I don’t think Jesus’ instruction to deny ourselves has anything to do with denying the use of the gifts He gave us. Not every gift is profitable by worldly standards. Yes, there are a lot of poor artists but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great artists. It just might mean that the world doesn’t value that kind of art perhaps in monetary standards. The same could be true of writers and musicians. Sometimes it has to do with opportunities and breaks. Maybe where the “deny yourself” comes in to play is that ultimately we give our gifts to God for His use, and if He chooses not to make that successful by worldly standards, then we accept that fact and not complain and get angry with Him. You are absolutely right that our desires to create art or music or whatever are borne out of God making us in His image. We are creators in a smaller sense because we bear the image of the Creator.

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