Are Politics Your Idol?

I’ve been known to dabble into politics now and then even though I carefully keep it out of the pulpit unless there is a clear-cut moral issue addressed by the Bible.  But I really don’t get caught up into it as much as I used to.  Looking back now, there was a time it was probably an idol.  I have to be careful it doesn’t become one again.  Here are some signs to look for to know whether or not poltics has become an idol in your life.

  1. FEAR!  If our views are threatened by those in power, our response will be complete panic.  I remember doing that when Clinton got elected.  Anytime we believe  that if OUR politicies and people are not in power that everything will fall apart we’re demonstrating fear.
  2. DEMONIZATION!  Our opponents are not considered to be simply mistaken but to be evil.  When we go down that road, we’re idolizing our brand of politics and it’s ultimately dangerous.

Can you add any other symptoms of idolizing politics?


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