5 Amazing Identity Points in God (Part 2)

#3- God is loving.  “You are precious in my sight.”  Isaiah 43:4

Because of His holiness, God demands that sin be paid for.  But because of His love, He allows a substitute.  The point?  I am valued.

But does God’s love make me valuable?  There is nothing IN US that makes us valuable.  The fact that God values us says something about God.  It says nothing about us.  God did not set His love upon you because you have something going on that your next door neighbor doesn’t.  We are not valuable in ourselves.

See, if God loves us because of something He saw in us, then what happens when we change, when we fail, fall, or fade away?  Will God’s love go away?  NO!  We are not valuable; we are valued.

My value is not in who I am but in WHOSE I am.

So if I didn’t earn His love; if I didn’t pay for it; if I didn’t deserve it, then get this–I’M NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO KEEP IT GOING.



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