The Evils of Voodoo in Haiti…and other things Preachers are allowed to talk about

Many of my clergy friends have heard the joke of the young seminarian beginning his ministry at his first church.  After the initial sermon, where he preached against tobacco use, one of his lay leaders took him aside to remind him that he was preaching in Kentucky and tobacco was loved by many a farmer in that church.

The next Sunday the seminarian chose to preach against hard liquor.  Again the layman took him aside and reminded him that he was in Kentucky and many of his members worked at a local distillery.

His third sermon dealt with gambling and especially horse racing.  Once again the layman came to the seminarian and said that he could not preach on that either.  After all, had he not heard of the Kentucky Derby?

Finally, exasperated, he asked the helpful layman what he could talk about.  The reply: “Next Sunday preach on the evils of voodoo in Haiti.  Everyone will like that.”


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