Birthday Thought

Today is my 44th birthday.  Birthdays aren’t quite the same once you get out of high school are they?  It’s not nearly as exciting because you don’t get “cool toys” like I did as a child.  Earlier in life it was all about counting up to important milestones…13 (I’m a teenager!)…16 (I can drive…if my parents let me!)…18 (I’m an adult, not really!)…21 (I can drink legally).  And then the counting starts to be more of a countDOWN.  Mid-life…old age.  But what am I whining about?  I’ve got an incredible life.  I’m blessed beyond measure.

People tend to rise to the occasion when they have someone who truly believes in them.  I’ve got a lot of great people in my corner (and a great God!).  May God continue to help me rise to the occasion.

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