What Does God Expect in Terms of Devotion?

If we were devoted to God like we are our favorite sports team or TV show or favorite store then our devotion would still only be equal to that which we give the world.  What does God expect in terms of devotion?  What should our day look like?  I don’t think it would look like monks in a monastery where all we did was pray and “be.”  But I suspect they have some things right.  What we need to do is “sanctify” each action of the day also making sure that we have a time to just “be” and not “do.”  That’s what Sabbath is supposed to be about.  Too often I let my schedule rule my day.  Sometimes I worship my “stuff.”  Sometimes I idolize those who “have it all together.”  Instead I need to look at the day and bring each element before God to make it holy.  To do that, I need to be quiet and listen to his voice.  What do you think?


One thought on “What Does God Expect in Terms of Devotion?

  1. A little more of that kind of listening could do us all much good. Just an opinion, but being able to turn off the day to listen to God, even for a moment, is a skill. All skill is born of practice. I am trying to keep God closer to my thought processes during the work week. There always seems to be some quiet time in every day. Often (for me) while driving to a work site. Good times to be quiet and listen, or to pray.

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