Dear Dad

Dad,  It’s Father’s Day so I’m reflecting a little bit about how good of a dad I am to my children.  That led me to think about you and how you raised me.  Here’s a few reasons why you are a great dad:

1) Your relationship with mom has always been a good example to me.  And that’s true today too with Marilyn.  Children of divorce have a higher rate of divorce.  That word is not even in our vocabulary.  You always stuck with mom through the thick and thin.

2) The time you spent with me made me feel special and loved.  All those sports games we attended and those you coached.  Those made a difference.

3) Encouragement.  Even when I was involved with things that you might not be passionate about (seminary, band), you encouraged me verbally and with your generosity and with your presence.  Thanks!

4) Involvement and relationship with our children.  Within reason and when able you visit and even care for our kids.  That means a lot to them and me.

Have a great Father’s Day!  You deserve it.



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