What the Resurrection of Jesus Does

The resurrection…

  1. Proves that Christ has power over life and death. Jesus had to be resurrected from the dead to prove that He is no mere mortal leader but God almighty, with power over life and death. Christ rose from the dead because He was the all-powerful God, with the divine omnipotence required to destroy death!
  2. Was the crowning climax of God’s love. Christ had to rise from the dead because His resurrection was the crowning climax of His love. Had he stayed in the grave, not only would His promises of new life have been unfulfilled  and His claims for divine power disproved, but His entire suffering, the agony of the cross, the godforsakenness, and the never-to-be-fathomed sorrow that crushed His soul, would have been in vain. The entire purpose of the incarnation would have remained unaccomplished.
  3. Brings newness of life and hope. The rejection of the Easter victory always leaves people without hope, while humble confidence in this truth bestows new assurance. “As Christ was raised from the dead…even so we also should walk in newness of life.” Romans 6:14
  4. Guarantees your resurrection. It is true that temporal death comes to everyone of us, as it came to Christ; but it is only a passing instantaneous change from out earthly existence to that incomparably more blessed heavenly life. For at the open grave we learn through faith that we are more than creatures of accident, controlled by a cold, cruel fate, directed toward everlasting decay; rather, that we are God’s children of holy destiny, who come from God and, through His Son, will return to Him.

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