The Lord Like a Rabbit’s Foot

God’s display of His sovereignty is scary sometimes, but only because it’s SO not like us.  Sovereignty is all about being God.  We try to seduce Him to some heavenly pal or celestial bellboy.  We want to use the Lord like a rabbit’s foot.  Someone “lucky” to hold on to when the dam breaks and the water’s rising.  In some twisted way, we think we’re more secure when we’ve got God figured out.

Sovereignty says, “No way.”  There’s no way you’re going to figure out God.  He’s more than we might dare to imagine.

God is sovereign.  But what does that mean?  The term “sovereignty” means “independent.”  That means…

  • God is the ruler of all.
  • God answers to no one.
  • God can accomplish whatever He wants.
  • God sees history from beginning to end.  No obstacle or adversary can hinder His plan.
  • God is afraid of nothing, ignorant of nothing, needing nothing.
  • God always knows what’s best, and He never makes a mistake.

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