Why I Sometimes Like to Raise My Hands in Worship

I have no problem being demonstrative in my worship.  My audience is God.  But I do struggle with teaching others to do the same.  Because I know it’s uncomfortable at first.  But it’s so freeing soon after.

We have to worship with more than our mind.  It reflects our “whole worship” of living for God in all areas of our life.  Raising my hands in particular is meaningful to me because that is how I say (while I’m singing or listening) with my body, “I need You Lord.  I depend on You.  Like a child is dependent on a parent, I long for Your care, Your provision.”  It’s not to impress other people.  Frankly I don’t want it to distract someone else so I probably do it less than I want to or feel like it.  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Why I Sometimes Like to Raise My Hands in Worship

  1. I have just recently taken up the practice of raising my hands in worship. I think it shows how we fully give ourselves to God and are not worried about what the person next to us thinks. He deserves our praise. Only Through the Father and Son are we let into the kingdom, keeping that in mind, I really don’t care what Joe Blow in the seat next to me thinks of me.

  2. I grew up in such a conservative church, that I struggled with this for a while in college. During college chapel, I felt like some people were just trying to draw attention to themselves with all the hand raising, jumping up and down, etc. As I grew, though, I realized that lifting your hands in worship is pretty scary…as if a person is saying, “I need a touch from God and I’m not ashamed to admit it.” Now, as a worship leader, there are moments when I feel so moved that I will quietly lift a hand. Whether anyone notices or not doesn’t matter… it’s just a way for me to show God that worshiping Him is more important to me than worrying about what others are thinking of me.

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