Living in the Tragic Kingdom

What would people be like if they had been born and raised inside the Magic Kingdom and had never seen the outside world? Since our worldviews are shaped by our contexts, imagine what a distorted worldview they might have.

That’s pretty much how most Americans live, including Christians, who have been sheltered and shaped by our affluent culture. They live in comfortable houses and own a car. They have 200+ channels on their TV. They go out to dinner whenever they like. They live in a safe, predictable and orderly world in which the government oversees and all basic necessities are covered. With those things taken care of, they can now channel their energies enthusiastically¬† toward the “pursuit of happiness.”

While most Americans may live in the equivalent of the Magic Kingdom, most of the world is living in the Tragic Kingdom. One-third live on less than $2/day. Three out of four live on less than $10/day. An income of $44,000/year puts you in the top 1%. The Tragic Kingdom is much larger than that Magic Kingdom.

19,000 children a day under the age of 5 die every day due to illnesses that are preventable in this country.

Churches in the Tragic Kingdom often don’t have a building or Bibles to read, long alone sound systems, video projectors, and latte bars.

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