Dear Judas

Dear Judas, you unhappy soul,

Christ chose you with prayer and deliberation as one of twelve whom he loved best to have beside him. We come upon that horror, scarcely human, lying mangled at the foot of cliffs, looking up and shudder with fear and pity how high you once were and to the depths you fell.

It seems to me, Judas, that you were not patient. You seemed frustrated that Jesus didn’t just move forward and take control of the throne of man. That’s why he came, right? and you thought your vigorous action might save the situation and you planned to bring Christ to a test that he could not evade. you thought you found a short cut. You took it and it ended in the horror of the cross, for which you had no understanding of its necessity.

You thought you knew better than your Master.

O Judas, why must I see you in the mirror each morning?


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