What Bothers Me About Most Worship Services

Look, I know that people are in different places, stages, and circumstances in their Christian (or soon-to-be Christian) journeys.  But sometimes I look out at the congregation while we’re singing of our great God’s glories and am stunned by the look of abject boredom & lack of enthusiasm to worship the Creator, the Savior, the Most High.  There’s certainly more enthusiasm to watch athletics.

In Isaiah 6:5, when Isaiah experiences God firsthand, Isaiah says, “Woe is me, for I am ruined!”  You can’t say you’ve truly experienced God’s presence until you’ve felt the “woe” of being in His presence.  You cannot gaze on the holiness of God without being overcome.

May God help us be a people that will embrace not only the messages about God that delight our hearts, but also the ones that grip us and shake us to the core of our souls.  When we worship, may it be as if we are REALLY worshiping.


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