Much of our Worship is Lame

LAME!  That’s how I would describe many worship services that I attend or am a part of.  All that was alive (the Word of God) gets smothered by a rules-oriented religion.  How many people have only experienced worship in that way?

Most of the people love God with their minds but they miss the part about their hearts.  This ritual religion may think and act biblically but it doesn’t prompt the followers of Jesus to FEEL what they should be feeling.  There’s no passion, just listlessness and watch-watching.  You might label it apathetic, formulaic, even perfunctory.  I just call it lame.

Some will argue that the dramatic encounters of the Bible are not essential today because we have the Bible in our hands and the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  But don’t let that allow you to settle for a faith from the shoulders up.  God needs to penetrate our hearts through the Word’s truth and drive the indifference and complacency from our souls.

Lord, disallow that indifference in my heart.


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