You are God’s Personal Representative to this World

We are ambassadors of Christ in this world. We represent the Kingdom of God here and now.  We are His personal representatives to this alien land. Our official residency belongs not to this world but to our homeland–Heaven. Within these walls of our homes the rules and customs belongs to Heaven.

Our allegiance is to our homeland and King, not of this world.

Are we living up to our ambassadorial title? And is our home an embassy of Heaven?

An ambassador also has direct access to the King he represents. How can we represent if we don’t know the King’s mind? Many people fail as Christian ambassadors because they don’t maintain communication with their King.

If an ambassador stays too long in a foreign country and doesn’t make frequent visits to his own land he gets “denaturalized.” This can happen without being aware of it.

How easily, without realizing it, do we become “conformed to this world.” How easily we accept a lower standard; lose the sharp distinction between right and wrong.

How do we avoid this? By repeated contact and communication with God and His people. Daily prayer, weekly corporate worship, fellowship and service are ways to do that.

Sooner or later every ambassador is called home and relieved of his or her post.

Some day we will be called home. God doesn’t intend for us to dwell forever in an alien land. When it comes, may it only find us fulfilling our ambassadorial duties.


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