Why the “Creationist Vs. Evolutionist” Battle is not necessarily Christians Vs. Scientists

Some Christians, in the name of defending Christianity and God, have attacked evolution.  Some rightly so.  But how you defend your view is as important as what your view is.  So, while trashing evolutionists as people who believe that humans evolved from random sludge, some Christians have actually hurt the cause of Christ.

The reality is that many Christians are evolutionists.  They just believe that God was part of the process.  And even more Christians while disagreeing with evolution, do not hold to a literal “6 days of creation.”

There are basically 5 views of the origin of humans:

  1. Naturalistic evolution: This is an attempt to account for all forms of life including humans by means of the processes of nature.  Supernaturalism is expressly excluded according to naturalistic evolution.
  2. Fiat creationism: This is the idea that God, by a direct act, brought into being virtually instantaneously everything that is.  Both the direct action of God and the shortness of the time (literal 6 days) span of creation are stressed in this view.
  3. Deistic evolution: This is the view that God planned the creative process and that He used evolution to accomplish His ends.  After God created the first form He removed Himself from the evolutionary process.
  4. Theistic evolution: This view is similar to #3 above and yet there are important differences.  According to theistic evolution God is involved not only with the very beginning of the creative process, but also at key points thereafter.  God was directly and supernaturally responsible for creation (including that of humans).  God used a previously existing creature when He made a human being.  God created a human soul and infused it into a higher primate.
  5. Progressive creationism: This sees the creative work of God as a combination of a series of creative acts (from the beginning) and a processive operation.  At various points in time God created new creatures without using previously existing life.  Between these special acts of creation evolutionary development took place.  Progressive creationists hold that God in a special act created man from the dust of the earth; He did not use a previously existing primate when He made the first man.  This view rejects macroevolution but accepts microevolution.

So where do you fall?  It seems to me that views 1 and 3 are incompatible with Scripture.  Sincere Bible-believing Christians have held views 2, 4, and 5.  I cautiously favor view 5.

At the same time, there are some great scientists and thinkers that are evolutionists and are claiming that “faith and science both lead to truth about God and creation.”


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