Sandwiched by Exhaustion and Guilt

Why do we get sandwiched by exhaustion and guilt?  Exhaustion for doing too much and guilt for feeling like we’re not doing enough.

Jesus did not heal everyone nor raise all the dead.  He knew His mission, and He stuck to it.  He was very conscious about His boundaries.


4 thoughts on “Sandwiched by Exhaustion and Guilt

  1. “Why do we get sandwiched by exhaustion and guilt?”

    I was hoping you were going to answer this question for me, not make me think about it really hard.

    I know, I know. I definitely need to reflect on this.

  2. That does make it a different question, I suppose. This is definitely a subject I’m going to reflect on today. The problem is knowing exactly what your mission is without allowing the everyday activities (like working) get you off course. I’m not saying working is a bad thing or a distraction. It’s just that working must somehow fit into the mission, not be in addition to the mission.

    Thanks, Marcus, for making me think. I needed this direction today.

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