The Biggest Distraction in Worship is Myself

The biggest distraction in worship is myself–my interests, worries, and what others think about me.  Worship includes confessing, singing, shouting, standing in honor, kneeling, dancing, making a joyful noise, testifying, playing instruments, and raising hands.

So how should I worship?  How should you worship? By whichever most authentically represents your love for God.  And when others do things different than you, to embrace and affirm that, not look down on them.


One thought on “The Biggest Distraction in Worship is Myself

  1. I am the biggest distraction to my time in communal worship, as well as my focus at being worshipful throughout my day. My desire for my daily walk, as well as times of communal worship, ‘may’ be, is hopefully, is intended to be, in awestruck awareness of God. However, I loose my focus easily and the world, but mostly myself, comes crashing in. Thankfully, over the years I have traveled and the seasons I have experienced, I have become more quickly aware of my self-absorption and can bring my focus back to God. Certainly I have not perfected this holy submission, far from it. It is one of my prayers to grow in this positioning toward God; I believe it is a primary key to contentment and joy.

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