If God is Good Why Does Satan Still Have Power?

Satan is a created being, apparently an angel, with responsibility to earth whose pride caused him to rebel against God. And somehow he still rules the earth in some provisional way.  Why?  I don’t know. But his days are numbered.

Why hasn’t God spoke these 2,000 years since Jesus. Is it an indication of impotence?

NO! The silence of God is the silence of omnipotence.  He’s not wringing His hands or worried.

It’s a lot like Israel when they demanded and received a king. They no longer sought God’s rule.  They wanted a human ruler. And God gave them their request along with the consequences.  Saul was set as king over Israel, and for a while he did a fair job of ruling for God. Then he got on the toboggan slide of sin and landed in the tent of an old fortune teller. From there he went to the battlefield where God said, “This is enough. Let him fall on his own sword.”

While Saul was sliding, God had anointed David to be king. David was the real king, but in exile, rejected, hunted and hounded by the usurper on the throne. Often other men broke with Saul and his kingdom and came to David to identify with him, even though he was not on the throne. They shared in his sufferings.

Then one day Saul came to an end. David and his followers marched victoriously. All Israel was happy but the happiest were those who had broken with the old system and knew what it was like to live with the rejected king. Why did God let all that happen? I don’t know. Why He let Saul sit on the throne for so long after He had officially denied him that right, while his king suffered in the forest, I don’t know. But God does.

Why does He let the usurper, Satan, still hold sway while His king, whom He has anointed, His own Son, King Jesus, still walk outside the camp of this world? I do not know. But He knows. And that is good enough for me.


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