3 Reasons Jesus Accepted Pain (or Jesus Did Not Heal Everyone)

To see Jesus moving in the midst of a world full of pain, clearly conscious of it and yet not healing all, is a marvel and a mystery. Jesus did not heal everyone. Many widows wept and the Son of Man did not go to them. Many lepers needed cleansing, but Christ did not heal them all. There were more sisters like Mary and Martha who wept at their brothers’ graves, but Christ had no word for them. There were lame and crippled and blind in every village through which Jesus passed, but there were lame and crippled and blind until their deaths.

We wonder why God permits so much suffering. Our heart grows cold when we recall our unanswered prayers. We cry, “My God, my God, why?” Christ also cried, “My God, my God, why?” but it’s why God had forsaken Him, not why He suffered. To Christ there was no marvel or mystery in sorrow.  He quietly accepted pain.

There are 3 reasons why Jesus accepted pain:

1. Pain is inevitable in our world. It is the necessary consequence of the breaking of God’s law. This pain is a reminder that all is not well and that sin is real. God uses this pain as a hedge to guard his narrow way. But for this sharp stroke of pain, we might sink back into the slime.

2. Jesus realized how it could be used by Him for our gain. Those who never feel pain never seek Jesus.

3. Pain creates compassion in us. It keeps our hearts tender towards those in the deepest throes of it. This is where pain becomes a servant of God. It purges our hardness and callousness towards others. Christ saw this effect on human character; and He accepted pain.

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