How to Share Your Faith (Part II)

Unlike the Holy Spirit’s job description, ours is relatively simple.  First we follow Christ as Lord (see part I); then we proclaim the truth of Christ.  It’s our hope that hearers will turn to God in faith, but their response is not our responsibility.

And we certainly don’t need techniques to manipulate others with crafty questions.  But what can we do?

  1. Available– God wants us available to people, not shouting instructions at them.  He wants us to get into others’ lives.
  2. Equipped– God wants us equipped to share the good news.  You don’t need to be a trained professional in the business of sharing your faith.  But if you share what you know about your relationship with Christ, when the opportunity comes, God will use you.  Seminary degree not required.
  3. Motivated– God wants us motivated in the right way: not by guilt trips or with emotional frenzy, but by love.

Our job description for real-life evangelism is to be equipped, available and motivated.  So evaluate yourself.  Are you motivated (I have a heartfelt desire to share the good news of Christ)?  Are you available (I have social contacts with non-Christians)?  Are you equipped (I can effectively explain the message and/or tell my story of faith)?  If you dare to do this, give yourself a thumbs up or down on each of these.  And then post your results on the blog or email me ( and I will gladly diagnose, give you a prognosis, and prescribe treatments for you.  Think I’m joking?  Try me!


2 thoughts on “How to Share Your Faith (Part II)

  1. Available- It is interesting that you should say this, being a pastor. I have found Pastors as a rule, (I admit, I am on a first name basis with only half a dozen) to be extremely busy, and subtly insulated by the church staff.

    as for a thumbs up or down… I have given time to relational evangelism, and currently engage almost daily with 1 individual who is not a christian by his own admission.

    I give myself a thumbs up.

    Equipped- God wants us equipped to share the good news. My relationship with Christ is an intensley personal one, and undergoing some growing pains. as for the Gospel, there seems to be some confusion as to what exactly that is. Not everybody preaches the same one, and this makes it hard for the new christian, like myself, to be equipped, and have a confidence about the finer points.

    I tell the man I am evangelizing that God loves us beyond reason, and that I am learning to reciprocate a tiny bit. I tell him to beware of answers, and to read the bible I gave him. I tell him that I have been changed. I ramble on about what Jesus has revealed and the things that puzzle me.

    The Nicene Creed is beautiful, to me, though baptism FOR the remission of sins disagrees with my theology.

    Epic, by John Eldrege gives a good presentation of the Gospel, to me. However, I do believe that there needs to be a distilled statement, of what the message is. Could you state the good news in three or four sentences?

    on this, also I give myself a thumbs up.

    Motivated- God wants us motivated in the right way: not by guilt trips or with emotional frenzy, but by love.

    Here perhaps I fall short. It has been revealed to me (lol) that the demon of emotional frenzy has been forbidden to trouble me. I lose no sleep over souls cast into the lake of fire because I didn’t inform them of the minimal entrance requirements to heaven.

    Of course Love is a funny word. I do not love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength, or all my mind, in the way that I believe Jesus means. I do not do what he says is the most important thing, the only way I could ever hope to keep the law.

    I share my faith because I believe. I believe the Ancient Of Days is somehow also the Son of Man, and the Voice in my heart. I understand that I deserve to die but my God jumped in front of the bullet. When the Voice tells me to speak, I just do.

    Oh my… what a long comment. I hope the prognosis is good.
    I like your blog. 😀

  2. Yes, available, something that has changed for me. I used to be insulated in the Christians-only world but have since been freed! THe change for me came when I got involved in non-Church public things like book club at the library and then having kids has opened up a whole new avenue of connections with families through sports. So that’s been a huge improvement for me.

    The Gospel in a few short sentences. I think that is important…one we can do in the time it takes to ride the elevator is necessary. Maybe you’ve heard this one. I didn’t make it up. I think Hybels did. D-O versus D-O-N-E. That’s easy to remember. Christ’s work is DONE. There’s nothing we can DO to earn it. Of course some intro. to that would be necessary. Sounds like a future blog post for me.

    As for your evangelism diagnosis–Your available and equipped but not fully movitated? Then you are “daunted.” That is you find evangelism tiresome or frightening which is typical in the fearful or burned out and in many full-time Christian workers. You may share out of guilt or obligation. Dare to share.

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