How To Share Your Faith (part I)

I firmly believe that God uses people, with all their faults, to reveal the good news.

Having said that, the most effective action in evangelism is having a deep and vibrant faith.  So rather than looking for gimmicks or angles we need to start with “How is Jesus Lord of my life?”  Our first step of evangelism is to yield to Christ’s lordship.

Here are 4 steps to take as you follow Jesus:

  1. Practice spiritual disciplines. You need to be having a Daily Quiet Time of prayer and Bible reading.  I journal too, which is why I can even manage this blog.  Fasting and confession are important to learn in time too.  (Though I admit I have to keep working on fasting!).
  2. Give yourself to a community of believers. I don’t mean just join a church.  But fully engage and join a small group within it.  Our greatest witness to the world is Christian community.
  3. Share your faith. As Paul Little says, “Evangelism is one of the keys to spiritual health.”
  4. Dare to take a risk. Never stop risking for God.  Jesus is risky.  When we take him as Lord, he calls us to lay down our lives.  So risk your time, your place, your pride, your money.  Risk sharing the good news with others.

What is the greatest barrier for you to share your faith more?  How could I help you?


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