Just Wondering…

How can I improve my preaching?

How come Hollywood marriages fail?

Am I willing to fail if God calls me to something harder?

What potential abilities have been dormant?

Why do trees only grow as big and proportion as the pot they are placed in?

What will I look like in 10 years?

What are some other ways I can lose weight?

Will I succeed this time?

Where is my MSU Spartans sweatshirt?

What vocation will my children choose?

Am I better person than I was a year ago?

Who invented numbers?

Who discovered the five senses?

How do I communicate love to my family?

What other ways can I do that?

What makes a genius, a genius?

When will I be sad next?

How long will it take to bounce back?

What if I had stuck with law/politics?

How many men take singing lessons?

Who will disappoint me next?

Is it right to play lotto?

Would I really be happier if I played, and won?

Does my preaching really make a difference?

Will my children be closer to God than me?

Will our house outlive us?

How many times will I fail God?

How many other dogs will I own in life?

Why do I like pickles and cucumbers?

What really tastes like chicken besides chicken?

Am I capable of murder?

Why do most students cheat?

Why did I do it a few times?

Could there really be a brain surgeon that cheated in med. school?

How come I don’t like tea?

Will I ever have a heart attack?

What would I do without Jen?

How would I deal with the loss of a child?

What’s it take to live to 99?

Why is my mind now blank?


Fire and Brimestone Sermons

Fire and brimstone sermons are rarely preached anymore.  Why? Has God changed or were they inappropriate then as they are now?  Some argue that they use fear of hell as a motivation to follow Christ rather than the love-based motivation of God’s love and grace.  Which God would you rather follow?

Perhaps many preachers presented it that way but God has not changed.  We follow and trust a God who is a consuming fire and loving.

We prepare for the severe side of nature–why ignore the severe aspect of God? When a man builds his house or ship strongly to withstand the elements we do not say he is a victim of fear.  Instead, we say he is prudent.

Likewise, when I appeal to the severity of God–to His fire, His sword–I am not preaching mere terrors of the Lord to move people by alarm rather than by love.  I am simply being faithful the the facts–I am reminding you that God is not less complete than the season He made.  I am asking you in the summer of His mercies not to forget the winter of His judgment.

9 Reasons Why “Daily Quiet Times with God” are Painful Blessings

Since college I have tried (mostly successfully but not perfectly) having a “Daily Quiet Time” with God.  I try to sit quietly, pray, read a little Scripture and journal.  It’s not always easy.

Why DQTs are painful:

  1. It teaches me discipline…daily!
  2. It forces me to prioritize God first.
  3. By praying daily I’m confronted with the concerns that are on-going, not easily answered.  God rarely, if ever, gives instant results.

But they are a blessing.

Why DQTs are a blessing:

  1. I get to spend time spent with the Creator of the universe!
  2. It makes me feel loved in His presence.
  3. I learn more about God and myself.
  4. Sometimes I realize God answer prayers.
  5. I’m learning patience and perseverance.
  6. I receive strength for the coming day.

Adoption Option

There are approximately 115,000 children in the United States ready for adoption.  There are 350,00 churches in the United States.  If one family in every three churches adopted a child in the United States, there would not be anymore orphans here.  While I applaud families who adopt internationally, I think it would be an incredible testimony for the Church if we were able to complete the job here!

James 1:27 is pretty clear that this is our job!  Not someone else’s, especially not the government’s.  The Scriptures are also clear that we have been adopted by God as His children through Jesus Christ.  I’m glad I’ve been adopted.  Maybe we should return the gift.

What do you think?  Should our church (FCC) make an initiative in this area?  Or leave it to 2 other churches in our community?