Four Signs of a Strong Faith

4 signs of a strong faith…

  1. Faith in the Word of God.  John 4:50, “The man believed the word that Jesus had spoken.”  The Word of God is precious and we learn to revel in the truth itself apart from any benefit that we receive from it.
  2. Restfulness.  Faith that is not impatient or in a hurry as if it relies on us.  Instead, willing to let God take His time, confident that God’s timing is better than ours.  We have the promise, which to the eye of faith is equal to the fulfillment of that promise.  In this age of hurry, we need such a “rest” of faith.
  3. Readiness to receive confirmation.  The person who believes God’s Word will hear, sooner or later, the echo of an answer.  They will hear it in fulfillment of some kind.  The temptation too often is to take honor from God when we have asked and received.  We then give credit to secondary causes.
  4. Willingness to receive spiritual blessing. We are anxious for our home on earth to be happy, healthy, and whole but we will  receive a home in heaven happier, healthier, and complete.  God gives above all we can ask or think.  Great faith prizes “spiritual blessing above temporal blessings.”

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