Top 10 Things That Make Me Wonder

What are the things, memories, observations, dreams, or experiences that fill you with amazement, awe, reverence?

For me:

  1. Seeing the birth of my children.
  2. Watching someone transform spiritually.
  3. The changes in my wife during pregnancy.
  4. The fact that people sometimes follow me as a leader.
  5. The four seasons.
  6. Love–particularly agape.
  7. Watching/experiencing true teamwork where my unique significance makes a difference.
  8. Contemplating the incarnation.
  9. Studying the hand of a baby or young child.
  10. The rhema/pneuma of God’s Spirit in my life.

What would you add?

Join God’s Adventure

Sometimes the Spirit speaks clearer and louder to us than other times.  Those times typically correlate with how much time we’ve been spending with Him and depending on Him.

So it’s crucial when we are prompted by the Spirit to talk to someone, help someone, serve somewhere, WHATEVER IT IS, that we do it!  When we don’t, we’re not depending on God and that prompting will be a little less clear next time.  When we do depend on God we join God’s adventure to see what He’s going to do THROUGH US and it will be clearer next time.

Why Does the Bible say that God is Jealous?

According to Exodus 20:5 and other verses, God is a jealous God.

Jealousy is so associated with evil that we hesitate to attribute it to God.  Without the testimony and authority of Scripture we would never have accused Him of that.

A jealous nature is not one that commands our admiration.

Francis Bacon speaks of envy as the vilest of passions.  It distorts everything, blinds the vision, and is the mother of profound unhappiness.

Even the Bible is not ignorant of the darker side of jealousy.  Cain and Saul are obvious examples where it causes them ruin.  But even in the New Testament we see it in the disciples and certainly in the scribes and Pharisees.

And yet the Bible, which knows our human hearts and searches out the latent evil in them, assures us of the jealousy of God.


We begin to see the solution to the difficulty of a jealous God when we recall the connection of jealousy with love.  Jealousy is the shadow cast by love.  That is the difference between jealousy and envy.

Envy, the meaner word, is far broader than jealousy.  It applies to the intellect as well as the heart.  Envy touches relationships where love is never thought of.

A scholar may be envious of another but we don’t say a husband is envious of his wife because marriage is a relationship of love.

God’s essential nature is revealed to us as love.  And if that love flows out upon humanity in an infinite and everlasting mercy, it also, if it be deep and mighty, can scarcely lack the attribute of jealousy.

We are finite creatures and such creatures cannot fulfill another completely. So our jealousy tends to become sinful.

Only God can satisfy the heart.

God’s jealousy was also revealed in Jesus.  As surely as God will tolerate no rival, Jesus Christ would tolerate no rival.  He makes a claim upon the human heart of absolute and unconditional surrender.

Jesus tolerated many things but one thing He NEVER tolerated was the division of His empire (John 5:22; 14:6; Matthew 11:27).  God is ONE.

This doctrine was important because of the prevalence of polytheism whose attractions were many.  So the idea of a jealous God kept the Israelites true to their spiritual leading.

That thought made the world ready for the incarnation.

A jealous God may be a dark conception, but a jealous God can never be indifferent.  Indeed Jesus was so jealous and His love so intense that he braved the cruelty and abuse and humiliation of a cross for us.

7 Reasons Why I Like/Dislike Going to Church Camp

7 Reasons why I dislike going to church camp:

  1. I prefer my bed in my home, sleeping next to my wife.
  2. Some of the kids smell.
  3. The food can be not to my liking.
  4. I don’t get enough sleep.
  5. Sharing community restrooms and showers.
  6. I have to follow a camp schedule.
  7. I’m a Type A and kids don’t usually follow the script.

7 Reasons why I like going to church camp:

  1. It forces me out of my comfort zone and no where does Jesus say, “Please stay in your bed with your preferred foods with people who don’t smell.”
  2. Get to see lives changed!  People come to know Christ and that changes their eternal destiny!
  3. Get to be a part of the “A-Ha” moments for children “getting it” for the first time.
  4. Building relationships that last a lifetime.
  5. Don’t have to cook for a week.
  6. Growing spiritually myself: “I don’t have to be in control when God’s better at it!”
  7. Bring home a new song for congregational worship.

So if you haven’t chaperoned or counseled at a church camp yet, what are you waiting for?

The Relationship Between God’s Love and God’s Power

He heals the broken in heart…He tells the number of stars.  Psalm 148:3,4

God shows active pity in the small circles of human experience and unmeasured power in the great realms of creation.

There is a relationship between God’s love and His power.  Without His love, why would we be inspired to love him?  Without His power, why would we fear Him as Lord?  God is neither too far off or too near.  If we only see God’s power we will only develop a sense of duty but never regard ourselves as children of the King.  On the other hand, when we recognize God’s goodness and nearness but forget He is high and lofty then we are apt to be seized by panic and pessimism when enduring trying circumstances.


If God is all about Love why Does He Get Angry in the Bible?

Jeremiah 31:3

He has loved us with an everlasting love.

Then why does it say he gets angry with a sinner?

Anger is one of the strongest evidences and expressions of God’s love.  If you had a child who lied, swore, and stole and you DIDN’T care what he does THAT would be a sign of no love, of indifference.  Because I love him, because I want him to grow up with integrity and character, it makes me angry to see him not live up to his potential and take that course.  Now how I channel that anger determines whether it is motivated out of love or something sinful in my own spirit.

God loves the sinner that he gets angry with them, with us, when we willfully disobey.

It is a Terrible Thing to Despise Love

God’s love is unchangeable.  At the Last Supper Jesus knew Judas had gone out to betray him.  HE KNEW IT!

Did Christ not love Judas?  That very night he said to him, “Judas, what you do, do quickly,” and when Judas meeting him in the garden, kissed him, he said, “Betray your master with a kiss?”  Was this not the voice of love and compassion that should have broken Judas’ heart?  Jesus loved Judas in the very hour that he betrayed him.

That is what is going to make Hell so terrible–you go there with the love of God beneath your feet.  It is not that HE doesn’t love you but that you despise his love.  It is a terrible thing to despise love.