The Inflection in God’s Voice

When God created the world He merely “spoke” it in to existence.  I wonder what the inflection was in His voice?  I bet we would detect JOY!

Making everything was not a chore but a labor of love.  It had to be great fun for God.  You can almost hear Him laugh and sing as He spins the stars like a top in the Milky Way and paints the rings around Saturn.


One thought on “The Inflection in God’s Voice

  1. What a beautiful thought. I hope one of the joys of heaven is to get a glimpse of what earth looked like as it was being created, Sometimes when I come up on some superb vista I think how much more exquisite it would be without the scar of sin that mars everything. I am so grateful that someday I will be in the presence of the one who created such beauty.

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