America’s Biggest Problem: Obama? Democrats? Nope

I don’t think the biggest problem in our country is Obama and the Democratic-controlled legislature.  I don’t agree with their solutions to problems in America.  I would prefer to see others in leadership.  At the same time, I don’t think they are part of an evil, American-hating agenda.  I know many Christians who happen to be politically liberal.  So it sickens me when my brothers and sisters on the Right use anything but persuasive arguments for our positions to belittle those on the Left (and vice versa).

Today’s misspent enthusiasm (from the Right and Left) for political solutions to the moral problems of our culture arises from a distorted view of both politics and Christianity–too low a view of the power of a sovereign God and too high a view of the ability of humans.  The idea that human systems, reformed by Christian influence (again from the Right or Left), pave the road to the Kingdom–or at least, to revival–has the same utopian ring that one finds in Marxist literature.  It also ignores the consistent lesson of history that shows that laws are most often reformed as a result of powerful spiritual movements (not vice versa).  I know of no case where a spiritual movement was achieved by passing laws.

So what is America’s biggest problem?  Sin.  And while Christians ought to be involved in all aspects of society, all the problems come back to that ONE problem.  And the only solution to THAT problem is not a political philosophy or candidate.  It’s Jesus.


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