Greatest. Parody. Ever. It’s Not a Parody!?


Those who are Afraid of Stumbling Never Get in the Race

Commitment makes life better, but not convenient.  Many people are afraid of commitments because they know they will let others and even God down.


Commitment is not about perfection.  Those who are afraid of stumbling never get in the race.  A life of commitment leads to a fulfillment of God’s promise that we could never imagine.

Live as Children of the Light

Ephesians 5:8c, 10

Live as children of the light…and find out what pleases God.

Living as children of the light is determined not only by what we do, but also by whom we please.  It is a matter of our heart’s motives as well as the work of the hands.  Not only are we to do what God commands, we are to do so out of a desire to please Him.  We should delight in His delight.  Mere outward conformity to the law is not what God requires.  The person who does what God says with a resentful heart does not bear the mark of the true child of light.

The desire to please One so delightfully pleased with us becomes our passion and our power, our highest and strongest motivation.