Temptations to Lie

The pressures to gain advantages and avoid consequences always will tempt us to lie, even as Christians.  There are all kinds of temptations to lie.  Here are some that particularly tempt contemporary followers of Christ:

  1. Falsely representing one’s work.  Academic pressures, anxiety about the future, the concern not to lose faith, and the need to compensate for lack of discipline in preparation can combine to make cheating a very common temptation.
  2. Falsely representing one’s self.  How easy it is to present ourselves as having had positions of greater responsibility or backgrounds of greater significance than is really true.
  3. Falsely representing others.  The temptation always exists to further one’s perceived importance by presenting others in a way that devalues them.
  4. Falsely representing facts.  Falsehoods are so tempting when we face car trades, expense reports, tax returns, business deals.

Paul told us that the church is the body of Christ in which the Spirit dwells and that God will use Her to fill the earth with His transforming power (Ephesians 1:23).  Our words and the integrity that gives them credibility are the means God uses to flood the earth with the power of the Gospel.

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